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Rutters is proud to be at the front of the queue when it comes to the use of a new product that changes the whole meaning of ‘transportable’ in the world of translight images or backcloths for the stage.
This product is a remarkable advance in the world of producing translight images for movies or the stage. A full sized image (5m x 5m for example) can be folded to approximately the size of a king-size bed sheet. The carefully folded translight will measure 500mm x 500mm x 150mm making it remarkably easy to transport to the new location. The Translight 24 can be printed 5m high by the length of the roll and even larger sizes could be available. At its new location the translight can be easily remounted. When stretched it will be crease-free and the magic works all over again.


This gallery shows you some images of our work on a translight featuring an area of Copenhagen as it is being erected ready to be lit from the front or the back.

This simple animation shows the effect our work can have on an image.